The breakdown.

Unbricked Communications is a communications and events agency. Our clients include billion-dollar corporations, single-person operations and everything in between. We deliver innovative and effective solutions designed to showcase your products, people and personality.


unbrick: (transitive) To reopen something bricked up, such as a window or door.

Business communications should be smartly stacked, layer by layer, carefully positioned to build a strong message.

The problem with this? By layering things so precisely, so firmly, you completely block your own vision. Your business communications may seem perfectly infallible, but in reality, your customer could be hitting a wall, blocking pivotal opportunities for personal connection.

Our team sees this as a challenge. While we never look to rock a solid foundation, we do think that creative delivery often involves punching a few holes in things that may have always been there or unbricking some of those forgotten points of connection. Sometimes, you just need that door or window.

If your business wants to do things the way it has always done, we are probably not the right agency for you. If, however, you’re looking to punch through convention, connect on a personal level with your customers—and maybe act a little risky—we’re ready to hand you the hammer.


Communications & Marketing

The ability to reach your audiences in targeted manners drives the effectiveness of your entire marketing budget. From comprehensive strategic campaigns to tactical deliverables, we can support every step of your B2B or B2C messaging efforts.

Special EVENTS & Incentive Trips

Bringing people together can be a personal way to communicate your brand. In partnership with your marketing efforts, our team of veteran event professionals can deliver a unique and memorable experience to your audiences.


STOP. HammeRtime.

Ready to connect with your audience? Let’s work together.